Monday, January 19, 2009


Sandra contemplating eating more brandy-soaked fruit.

It takes four guys to cook one pot of pasta. 
This is just cute. and happy!

exactly one week, till I take a 24 trek across the sea. 

In the past week I have subleased my apartment successfully, been to St.Louis and back, eaten BBQ twice and enjoyed two going away parties. It was a good week.

Yesterday my family came over to say farewells. Land mines seemed dominate some of the discussion, but don't worry, according to honeybees act as natural detectors of land-mines, thus I simply need a pet honeybee. "An interesting new way of detecting lands mines is being reported by the BBC today. According to the BBC the new method uses regular honeybees to search out and alert their human companions of dangerous land mines. The new land mine method was created in Croatia, at the University of Zagreb" Luckily I don't think land mines will be much of a problem. 

The party was great, lots of hugs and good luck charms to keep me safe. Thanks to everyone for coming and spending some time with me before I head out.

I only wish I could start packing now, I think it would make me a lot less nervous. 
Today I bought some European adaptors. I bought a couple, just in case I lost one while I am there. I think having my computer will save me a lot of stresses. Well, I should go read the books I am supposed to read by next monday!