Sunday, October 24, 2010

Seeing is Believing.

Sometimes you read things that ring so true to the moment. I hope I am getting better at croatian. On that note, a bit of poetry, straight from our friend Italo Calvino:

"And then listening to someone who is translating from another languge involves a fluctuation, a hesitation over the words, a margin of indecision, something vague, tentative. The text, when you are the reader, is something that is there, against which you are forced to clash; when someone translates it aloud to you, it is something that is and is not there, that you cannot managage to touch." -68

"The pronunciation of that unknown language, deduced from theoretical rules, not transmitted by the hearing of voices with their individual accents, not marked by the traces of use that shapes and transforms, acquired the absoluteness of sounds that expect no reply, like the song of the last bird of an extinct species or the strident roar of a just-invented jet plane that shatters in the sky on its first test flight"-69

this is a creepy photo, but mostly i want you to note all the cds at this club, would you see this is in the states? I don't think sooo...
on the bus back from hrelic, Bella and I bought a childrens enclylopedia to practice our croatian.
paljacinke u beograd. what i have been dreaming about for a year and a half. mmm.
sitting under an awning in a zagreb cafe, having a beer, discussing the rain and the role of facebook with our sweet and kind waiter.
this is a painting i saw, and basically this is what everyday in Zagreb is like, rainy and drury. At the least the trams are warm and toasty.
I never thought everyone would love silly bandz so much, I've been giving them out like crazy. Here the deer has eaten the kangeroo and mr.squirrel is saying "i thought you were a vegetarian!" Strasno.
A view of my office from my desk, lovely, don't you think?
telephone booth after riots in belrgade.

United Colors store after riots in Belgrade, many store fronts had broken windows the next day.
Strnage art in contemporary gallary in Zagreb. I really like the wax figures and also why this lady is in the same room as this creep chunk of wax baby. hm?
a slug. the path to my dorm building is a slug graveyard in the mornings.
An old photo from house-hunting, masa and puke green curtains in a lovely-but-small apartment up the hill.

So this is mostly a photo update, because I've been slow at uploading my images.