Monday, June 18, 2012

I want to know you all but I am only made more aware of how many

I met a young woman who ran across the Sahara desert for seven days. Her feet filled with blood so they punctured her toenails to drain them. Then she slept and ate in Florence with her former love who had ran through the desert with her only to say he wasn’t committed. Then the love letters in Geneva-but wouldn’t that be hard? I asked, to be in a relationship with a man from Geneva? I work remotely, I would just move there. She said it with no hesitation. But she wanted the man who ran across the desert with her.

You may think this a lie, but it isn’t.

There is also a woman who quite her job as an automobile engineer to start her own business that sells a contraption that makes friendship bracelets.

When I told them about art handling-they laughed and said it is funny to think of all the jobs in the world. I thought-you sell tutus, carnivorous plants, and friendship bracelet makers.