Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's almost September, Does that mean there's a countdown?

August is winding down and I officially feel as if summer has ended. Friends have come and gone, co-workers have left for college, kids are coming into the toy store in their red-white and blue school uniforms, gabbing and gossiping about their classmates. Summer of 2010 sent my head through a loop, from graduating, to sleeping on the beach in florida and day dreaming of a wanderlust lifestyle, to a phone call about croatia, only to drive east the next day, to mile-high pie and New York City, complete with romantic interludes and lots of gazing at art I couldn't decide if I cared for or not, to home--to kansas city, which was chuck full of days at the toy store, old but familiar faces, coffees and gin and tonics, book club, little cousins, and many trips to lawrence KS in order to dabble and drool as I contorted my lips to pronounce the little tidbits of croatian I know.

And where does that leave me now?