Thursday, January 23, 2014

Some Notes

"The century concludes on the motif of the imossibility of subjective novelty and the comfort of repetition. This motif has a categorical name: obession. THe century ends with the obession of secuirety, under the dominance of the following, rather abject maxim: It's really not that bad being where you are already; it is and has been, worse elsewhere. Yet precisely what was most alive in the last hundred years placed itself, in the wake of Freud, under the sign of a devasting hysteria: What novelty have you to show us? Of what are you the creator?" --Alain Badiou, The Century

"my easgerness to wander in search of everything, which, I am confident, keeps me in mysterious commnication with other open beings, as if we were suddenly called to assemble. I would like my life to leave after it no other murmur than that of a watchman's song, of a song to while away the waiting. Independent of what happens and what does not happen, the wait itself is magnificent" - Andre Breton, Mad Love (1937)