Sunday, May 3, 2009

almost the end.

tomorrow night i leave belgrade and i am so sad. I have really fallen in love with this city and it is hard to imagine that i may never come back. There is something so comfortable here. i am going to miss the stray dogs, the old men playing chess, the burek and pancakes on every block. Last night i was at the theatre i am interning with and the women there told me to always feel free to come back, to consider DAH theatre my theatre home. It was quite sweet of them.
Friday night we were hanging out with some friends from here and it was so cute. They told us it seemed so natural that we were in belgrade, like we had always been here. We were sitting in the fortress, watching where the river sava meets the danube. I don't think I could ever imagine that happening, going halfway around the world and finding people you feel like you have been friends with forever. I think that this trip will mean all sorts of different things once I am back home, and I am curious how i will remember all the details.

Well, I have a 40 page paper to finish by tonight, so I should be off...

ciao ciao