Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I am in zagreb! and it is pretty amazing. Sorry if i mix up the z and ys they are switched on their keyboards. Anyhow, right now i am staying in a hostel with my group and everyone is really really nice. the hostel is great. The people here are nice and its super clean and friendly. The adventure here has been pretty smooth. We flew austrian airlines on which the hostesses wear all red, including red tights and red shoes all the same hue. The food comes on triangle plate and they serve endless drinks, including austrian ginger ale. There were movies but mostely i read and talked with the girls on my trip. I didnžt sleep a wink. (i ended being up for something like 36 hours in order to overcome jet leg) somehow i lost a day in the mess of all this. From austria we took a propeller plane to zagreb were we met one of our proffesors. She is awesome and goes by gogo. She has a 7 year old daughter we will meet on saturdaz (we are meeting our host families then at a luncheon) After the bus into the city we checked in and visited the classroom, which is small and cosy, but nice and has a kitchen and a library and is right on th emain square. The proffesors took us out to a nice lunch (beef, chicken, pork, gnocci! and rice) finished with coffee turkish style, ie. esspresso. we took the tram back which runs all the time and is super fast and easy. We were all jet lag so we just walked to a grocery store for dinner and stayed in and played cards. I went to bed early, around 9.
the grocery store was amazing and i cant wait to go back when i can understand more croatian.
anyway, my phone wont charge yet and i havent had a chance to find wireless internet (although our classroom has it) So for a few days communication might be limited. at hostel we have to pay 8 kunas for a half hour (about 1.50 which isnt bad) Everything is pretty cheap here and we get a stipend for lunch and free passes for the tram so it looks like it wonćt require a lot of spending money. I love you all please send emails!

(ps everyone here is really awesome, good people!)

Dobra Dan! (goodday!)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

dun dun dun

I leave tomorrow, 7:30 and arrive in Zagreb somewhere around 11:00 am their time on tuesday. 
I think that means that means I'll arrive sometime around 4:00 am KC time tuesday morning.
So, See you then!