Wednesday, March 23, 2011

as of late...i can only think in the form of a list.

a. I am very busy. I have heaps of tape to transcribe.
b. I visited Osijek for the first time and it was splendid. Straw artists, delicious steak cooked in truffles, homemade peanut butter cake, positive outlooks on life, my first face mask, and a four more interviews to boot. thanks robin!
c. proofreading. meetings about proofreading.
d. applying for life after croatia, work on a farm in exchange for room and board? Work at a hostel on an island, the job comes with free housing + scooter? head home to the land of unemployed? I shudder with fear, eeeek.
e. The weather here is delightful. I bought a cheap bike. My life moves at a faster pace, see you later trams.
f. I met a really great guy on the train ride back to Zagreb. We spoke for three hours about lots of things. I realized as after he kissed my check goodbye, a custom here I still am not used to, and he hopped off at his stop I never got his name. Its strange how that happens. He told me I was a dreamer.
g. booking plane tickets. booking hostels. figuring out travel, hoping not to get stranded and broke.

These days are full of sunshine and I have lost of all my poetics, they drifted away with the rain clouds.

Is it an accomplishment to say, Can we leave the shoes here and come back and pick them up at 2? We can pay for them now. In croatian? Because I did. Yay for being able to communicate.