Monday, January 10, 2011

i am living in a deep slumber

Doing work late into the evening feels nice. Feels like home. Makes me miss whispers (the coffee shop in our library). I have been trying for months now to force myself to work in the middle of the day. Guess what...apparently the sun makes me want to twiddle my thumbs. So here is to the night, and productive hours, and feeling better thanks to a magic drug called MAXFLU.


a little more food for thought:

"To recgonize gender as a social pattern requires us to see it as a product of history, and also as a producer of history...I defined gender practice as onto-formative, as constiuting reality, and it is a crucial part of of this idea that social reality is dynamic in time" Connell.

"The Balkans are experienced as a road between two points endowed with identity and substance. Moreover, this is not the road for the roads sake; this is rather the mythological road-deprived of substance, meaning, form and even space distance. This is a space to be traversed as a deep slumber without dreams and memories." - Dimitar Kambourov
(Im not quite sure Ive wrapped my head around this guys writing yet, but it sure sounds poignent.)