Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The last twenty four hours have been a bit crazy! First of all there is a major film festival happening in Zagreb right now (zagrebdox). We tried to go to the opening film monday night but only made it time to realize the tickets were sold out, however, it wasnćt a complete waste of time, since as we were discussing or options in walked the president of croatia. Virgil pointed him out and we dashed ahead trying to snap a picture, but alas he was too fast and slipped into the theatre in which we had failed to get tickets for. At least we decided to buy tickets for one of th emovies showing tonight, which was an excellent choice. Before the movie however we wanted to get dinner... which mostly resulted in a comdey of erros and extermly ull bellies. We thought it would be a good idea to try the only mexican restruant in zagreb. After arriving and grabbing a table we took a long time to order without realizing how close to our movie we were cuttin git. So eventually our fodo came and we decided we needed to scarf it down in no time, whcih resulted in a few dropped forks and amricnas probably appearing very piggish. after we finished we paid and literally had to run to the tram stop, jump on, get carded by a tram lady, who sarahjane practically knocks over when the tram came to sudden stop, and run into the theatre just in time to grab the last 5 seats in a row. So i think one, we have ruined the mexican resturants preceptions of american students permantly, two gotten sick from eating tons of food and running, and three worked off some of the food from laughing at our own mistakes (which includes at some point getting off on the wrong tramstop)

In the realm of the classroom things are moving along. I have already been here a month and am started to think seriously about what i want to do my independet study project on, which we have to decided relativly soon. In addition we had a lecture from one of the youngest memebers of parliment, when she was elected she was only 21 years old, that would be like me becoming a congresswomen next year. kind of hard to imagine. Today we had a lecture from a feminist and LGBT activist which was also pretty good and really interesting.

Its weird to think how comfortable i have become with the city. I feel like i know pretty well and feel like in some ways it has become a home. We leave Zagreb on thursday and it is weird to think after that i will be traveling a lot more.

I hope everything is good at home...


Anonymous said...

Each one of your postings are so vivid it is like watching a wonderful film. Thank you. Can't wait to talk about it all for days in person! Please know that I think about you everday! I hope your Birthday week is fabulous! We'll raise a glass in your honor during that strange mystical time between Feb. 28 and March 1st! You are very loved! ==Joyous

mike said...

I think I got winded just reading about this adventure. What excitment. love, d-a-d