Sunday, February 1, 2009


there is so much to say!

I moved in with my family, who are very nice. It is a single mom and two girls, petra(13) and dora(8). Their apartment is nice and the girls speak perfect english. The partment is close to the cneter of town and is easy to get to. Last night i watched movies with the girls and showed them some pictures from home. They have hosted a few student from before who i have heard some about. Today is the world final in handball here which is huge. It should be exiciting.
Unforently my camera isnt working right now and i dont know how to fix it! if anyone has tips let me know!
ILast night we went out and made some croatian friends. they took us to a club were they play only croatian music which is rare since there is american music everywhere. i tis amaying how mice everyone you meet is. They are very proud of their city and want to show you around. I have also made some good friends on my program and am exicited to tell you all al about them .
Yesterday people were all over celebrating croatia getting to the final game in handball. Tehy all wear red and white checkers. The tram was so packed we literally could not fit anymore poeple on. Anyway i will write more later!

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