Sunday, February 15, 2009


Below: Croatian National Theatre. I didn't take this picture... but it looks Just like that!

It’s Sunday afternoon now and I have sort of just wasted my morning. Last night I rolled my ankle on accident, which isn’t a big deal unless you have to walk everywhere! So this morning I gave it a break and put some ice on it and I hope it is better quick. Dora was being my nurse! She was really good at it, she even brought me ice cream. I can’t remember the last time I rolled my ankle, but I have forgotten how much it hurts! Other than that things are pretty good.
Tomorrow we are going to Vukovar. It is a 3 hour bus ride. During the wars in 90s Vukovar was under siege for 3 months. Most of the fighting was fought between paramilitary groups. We watched a documentary about Vukovar that was hard to swallow. It was like little kids playing war but with real weapons. I will write more about it when we get back. We are only staying there for one night.
On Friday after class Fiona and I went to see the Rembrandt exhibition here, which was pretty incredible. It was all his prints, which I thought were beautiful and very delicate. Also, he made all these prints of “ordinary” people, which were kind of hilarious and included a man urinating.
Yesterday I had coffee with a friend and a guy from Zagreb who worked at my friend’s summer camp one summer. It was Valentines Day and people were selling hearts of the street. I have to say it made me a bit homesick, but my host mom gave me some delicious chocolates in a paper heart. I wanted to get up and go to a flea market this morning that only happens on Sunday but due to my ankle aching I didn’t go, which is too bad. I feel like I need to start traveling more or finding more adventures to go to on the weekends. I also need to find friends who will check out the museums with me. Ah too much to do and not enough time, or language, to figure out how.
Oh also we bought tickets to go to the opera soon at the national theatre, a beautiful Austrian building that I can’t wait to go inside!

Anyway, I have to go for Sunday lunch now with my big extended family.

Miss you all!


a little later... i came to this cafe to use the internet and it is absolutely adorable it is called Booksa. ankle feels better :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Emily it was so good to talk to you Sunday. Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Your Mom said I sould try again. You will have to go to a really small town to see how the local people live. Have fun and be careful. Uncle Gene

Anonymous said...

Hi, Emily,

You have learned so much about this country- that is wonderful!The theater looks beautiful. Hope your ankle is healed. Be careful and take care. Love, Aunt Nancy