Friday, October 22, 2010

running out of titles.

Dobro Jutro,

#1. Belgrade is on the front page of the NYTIMES global edition.

heres a direct link in case they update: the offical news!

There isn't much to report here. Made some headway on my research, no interviews yet but a narrowing of research, a clarifying of ideas. I've meet with several professors now to work through my project, trying to tweak the issues, the questions. Hopefully it pays off. So yesterday was work, and coffee, and class, followed by some warm "cooked wine" at a cafe. Fall is lovely when the sun is out. On that note, the sun was out all day yesterday and seriously lightened my mood, why does the weather have such control of our emotions!? Ive also become a cappacino drinker.

Things to consider: going to zadar or staying in Zagreb for the weekend? Seeing the band Carbiou in Ljubljana?

I got a package from my parents :) in it was my favorite slippers and my bath robe, oh the comforts of home!!!!!!! Hvala svoja mama i tata! (thanks mom and dad :))

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