Monday, November 15, 2010

Always a a product of individual and institutional power

Constructing a conversation-realizing I need to be more organized-oh thats why they made us write literature reviews all of college-notes on things I am reading-unless you are interested in gender and nationalism Id skip this sketch-book like entry, this attempt to publically acknowledge i am not simply A BUMP ON A LOG.

Currently reading - GENDER AND NATIONALISM

Intro by Tamar Mayer


Nationalism is the excerise of internal hegemony, the exclusive empowerment of those who share a sense of belonging to the same "imagined community"

Because nationalism, gender and sexuality are all sociallay and culturally constructed, they frequently play an important role in constructing one another-by invoking and helping to construct the "us" versus "them" distinction and the exclusion of the other

A nation "is a soul, a spiritual principle" (Renan 1990:19) a "moral consciousness" (Renan 1990:20) which its members believe must be maintained at all times and at all costs.

Who I am is connected to who the nation is; that is my "ego" is often inseparable from the "ego" of the nation to which I belong and which helps to define my identity.

Culture and ritual are centeral strategies through which the nation projects itself inwardly, as well as to the outside world and through which it mobilizes its members.

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