Wednesday, November 24, 2010

'i get by with a little help from my friends'

Sitting in Booksa always compels me to write. Tomorrow is thanksgiving; I'm heading to Kosovo for the weekend to see some American friends living there and in the region. We're going to eat a lot of turkey and have our own American thanksgiving in the newest country in the world. I think there is something strange and interesting about that-celebrating the settling of the US in a place where people also decided they were tired of their government, just as the pilgrims, people wanted cultural freedom, who have different religions. Only, it became a country only in Feb. of 2008.

Today a guy in my Croatian class was telling me all about countries no one else recognizes as countries, except countries in the same boat. And the issue of crossing borders into and out of places people pretend aren’t places in their own right. Some how, you as an individual can disappear- well not disappear but magically reappear I suppose with out ever really disappearing. Borders and laws and international acceptance have the ability to create and define our physical location. Kind of mind-boggling, no?

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