Thursday, November 18, 2010

"You're alright, Emily, even if you have bad taste in boots"

It's one of those days that when I walked into my building, heading up to bed, listening to a poppy song on my ipod that I literally, LITERALLY, spun a turn in the entry hall on my tippy toe-my other leg swinging around in a whimsical kind of way, only to turn around and see someone else coming into the building. I composed myself and pressed the up button, hoping he'd take the stairs. We both entered the elevator (which by the way has a sparkling floor and a mirrored ceiling so you feel like youre in a mini rocket capsule) and I felt giddy that I had a little secret swirling about my head.

1. people are interesting and fabulous and passionate. Yannick, another student in my Croatian program was reminding me not too long ago that there are 6 billion people in the world. I can't imagine each of those individuals bursting with potential, but you know it is true!

1.a. Today I was doing some researching/interviews/drinking lots and lots and lots of coffee and one of the gentlemen I was speaking with said "i think the word impossible should be erased from every dictionary in the world" ...

2. It is good to be challenged.

Today the people I spoke with had various, almost polar, points of views from feeling like they had no opportunity to the idea you can achieve anything you want, if you know what you want. It is always a spectrum.

[when i was re-reading this i realized it sounds like I am in love, but I am not. I just adore the neighborhood I live in, my cozy room, having good interviews, feeling productive, phonetics class, and podcasts. I do not adore, eating too many pastries, not having enough hours in the day, being rushed, and waking up late.]

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