Monday, February 21, 2011

A List.


Lately I have been:
  • Eating lots of fish. Today I had pasta with tuna. Yesterday some large fish and some little catfish, and salted tuna, with tomato paste on crusty bread. The day before that? Bakalar-traditionally eating in Dalmatia on Christmas eve. What is it? Fish stew-dried cod to be precise. In exchange I offered some Thin Mint girl scout cookies-compliments of my mom. 
  • Speaking a lot of Croatian. Croatian families. Croatian tutors. Other people who are learning Croatian. Using the word "dobati" instead of "imati" when asking for things...because you say "can you give me that" and "can I have that"...
  • Thinking about English grammar a lot. Do you know the rule for when you use that or which? I do. But I am not explaining it here. 
  • Watching: I saw the movie the fighter-which was excellent but lead to an awkward event where quoting a scene from the movie at an inappropriate time led to lots of giggles and uncomfortable feelings.
  • Listening to a poetry reading and straining my ears to catch even just the gist of a poem or two. 
  • Watching: I went to an excellent contemporary dance/ballet about war and love with excellent live accompaniment and fluid movement-very much inspired by contact improvisation. The props were minalist and perfect. There was a little boy in the audience whose father was playing the upright base in the band-he looked over to his father sitting on the edge of his seat, his hands clasped in between his knees, always glancing over as if to ask "should i do something?" The dather kept playing, occasionally giving his son a thumbs up, or a scrappy pat on the sholder. 
  • Watching: I saw Mare-the girl I speak English with play a guitar concert. She was awesome with her rendention of "Yesterday" by the Beatles. Also playing at her concert was a young women playing the Harmonika and it was the coolest thing I have seen. Her finger were like little nimble workers and the rest of herbody still had to sway and open and close and shrink and grow again to contort this instrument into making such lovely sounds. 
I really like that I am still learning exciting things about Croatia. Including fish. There is only one sandy island in Croatia-Did you know?! 


Jun said...

im glad you eat fish more now. fish is the BESTTTTTT

Emily Dara said...

IT IS SO GOOD! I think it has to do with living sort-of near a sea. The fish I ate on sunday was caught by the gradfather of the guy who cooked it for me at my friend's house. :)