Friday, February 25, 2011

Write, right?

I came across this article on Dylan's Google reader and it seemed particulary applicable to me! Here is the deal-as I am doing "academic" research I primarily think of myself as a collector of stories and a story teller myself, one who is telling how i see how all the other stories really make one larger narrative. So for all thos nerds out there: 

What’s the Story with Academic Writing? A Narratology of the Academic Essay

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Jun said...

Why would a scholarly essay be point last? If someone is trying to make an argument, they won't want to let the reader draw their own conclusions throughout the paper; they want their audience to draw their conclusion, so they will present it first as to plant it in their minds before they consider the evidence.

I suppose if the evidence is so strong that the conclusion becomes self evident, then the PF paper might become unnecessary. But how often is a scholarly paper presenting so obvious that there can be no other answers?