Tuesday, March 29, 2011

heres some gossip.

yesterday someone read me my horoscope. It made the next two weeks sound really grand. i am not sure how that will pan out, but today was surprisingly nice, as in, unexpected. I am really fascinated with this uncertainity of when things will click, of waiting for the moment for something to make sense, to be able to move on, or fall head over heals for something. maybe it is the sun or the spring or the making of travel plans, but I feel really secure right now. Its funny, I am not going to lie, I have been watching a lot of gossip girl on the internet over the last month or so and I am totally enthralled. Something about it complexes me. On one hand it is absolutely trashey tv and they do all sorts of things many of us would find unforgivable. But there are two strange things that really seem to hold true, one, give people a second chance, two, always accept your friends for who they are, mistakes included, and believe it or not, have a good sound track. All of this is mixed with social class hierarchry, trashy almost/sex scenes, and problems only found in the lives of the rich and famous, but some how i found it enduring and a total break for academic work and learning croatian but I am concerned I may be feeding a dangerous addiction and rotting away my brain via girls who love gucci and ride in limos.

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