Thursday, April 21, 2011

Miniture thoughts.

Some really great things happened today.

I smelled a purple flower whose scent enveloped the entire street. It was like walking through scented sheets.

I bought tiny cakes and the man behind the counter remembered me. He has a 1950s buzz, always wears a fitted white t-shirt and denim blue apron. he is always smiling and is quick with the tongs he uses to pick up cakes and cookies.

I was waiting for a tram when a teenage skater boy skated up and sat on the bench next to me. Strangely enough a waft of cologne came with his over-sized hoodie and American baseball league cap.

I saw a very strange church I have never seen before. It was very pointy.

I walked through the park on my way to school after tutoring. There was jazz music eminating from some nearby cafe, an old women reading a trashy magazine on a bench and a twenty-something couple playing on the see-saw.

I saw a young couple, the man riding his bike down the middle of the street, the women on rollarblades standing straight up, left hand on the handlebar of the bike just gliding along.

I a young-but-grown man was doing park-core near my office, he was teaching a boy who looked about 12. They were very sweaty and smiled as I walked by.

I laughed at least 10 times today and also got on at least three wrong trams. Where is my head?

The sun was shining all day, subsequently it was actually hot.

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Jun said...

I think it's parkour, it's French for something.