Monday, March 9, 2009


Some things I have been seeing/doing lately...

REX cultural center An awesome/art/activist/meeting space I went to last night for a international women's day celebration. Also, an option for an internship.

Dah Theatre They do street theatre and use theatre as a method of dealing with the past. We did a workshop with them that was super great and I am thinking of interning with them during my ISP...

B-92 B92 is the third biggest tv/radio network in Serbia, however, in the 1990s it was the home of dissident, anti-war, alternative voices in serbia and under Milosovic was closed three times. The network has, however, taken a more mainstream path in order to remain in existence in serbia.

Kosovo We also had a lecture about Kosovo, which declared independence from Serbia a year ago, however, serbia does not recognize Kosovo as a country. The united states did, immediately after Kosovo declared independence unilaterally. Basically Kosovo was the only nation in the region to welcome President Bush warmly. Just recently was the one year anniversary. All over belgrade there is grafitti that reads "Kosovo, the heart of Serbia" and 1389 which is the historical date of a battle the Serbs lost in kosovo against the Ottoman empire.

So, sorry to make you do some research on your own, but this is just a bit of insight into my everyday happenings. Now I am off to do some reading!


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