Sunday, March 8, 2009

A rose for you!

Today is international woman's day, if you didn't know. one article on woman's day in belgrade I am interviewing a conservative journalist today and then moving on to celebrate the event with the women in black, an amazing feminist organization here that sprung up in the 1990s as an anti-war voice. Women in Black's web page I have to say I have fallen in love with Belgrade. I think I am going to come back here in April to do my independent research project but am not 100 percent sure. It was funny, two of my professors from home visited the program on Thursday and Friday and seeing them was like a little piece of home, however they reminded me of all the things i need to do, such as think about my senior thesis, maybe apply for summer grants, etc etc. The other exciting news is on friday i got my hair cut! It was quite the event. There is a really silly place in Belgrade called Supermarket.Click here for an article about supermarket, it may be in serbian but i think there are some pictures... It is a store/sushi bar/cafe/bar/hair saloon/ has a bathroom made of all mirrors. We went to check it out and drink some coffee when we realized you get a really cheap hair cut, so i asked if they had time and there was only person who spoke English and he said he would cut it. Let me say it was quite the event. All he talk about was how I had enough hair for three people. Anyway, it is an excellent cut and hopefully I'll post a picture soon. i Decided though that getting your hair cut in a foreign city is much more exciting then getting it cut at home. After the hair cut we went out to a bit and so far my favorite place has been this club on this really old scraggly boat on the river SAVA. there are a bunch of swanky clubs on the river but this one is more worn down and is mostly full of locals. They played excellent music and you could peek out the round windows in the whole and see the lights of Belgrade on the other side of the river. Well, thats the highlights. Yesterday I went to a workshop about 3 hours outside of Belgrade up North to an old Austro-Hungarian looking town in the mountains that was drenched in fog. The workshop was for these women who live in the country and are organic farmers but are ex termly poor. I didn't always know what was going on but one women had a brother living in st.Louis, kirkwood to be exact, so you know, its a small world. Also i need to stop eating pancakes (crepes) and Burek. I am going to explode soon.
Love you all bunches,
and happy women's day

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Meghan said...

Supermarket looks amazing! Please take me shopping there someday.