Saturday, April 25, 2009

Post What?

{the above photo wasn't taken by me... but it is  nice photo, it is from the handsome furs concert i wrote about it the post below...}

We had been keeping our apartment relatively clean until we all had to start writing our papers, at which point it has quickly spiraled downward into a mess of computer cords, internet plug ins, books, socks, empty bitter limun cans and dirty coffee cups. Earbuds and pillows and last years ISP projects add to the mess on the floor of the room we once called a "living room". Now i would call it the room of endless hours of typing and frustration. We took a break and went to another concert last night, but about a half hour into I headed home for bed. I felt a migraine creeping in and I couldn't understand why. Perhaps too many hours at the computer?? Maybe the fact I am stressed for no good reason? I'm not sure, but a good nights sleep helped and now I am up working again. Good thing there is always time for a break for pancakes oozing nutella, hazelnuts, and bananas, or a big piece of flaky Burek. Food is the best excuse to get out and about, however, between sitting around typing a paper all day and eatig greasy food I am probably creating the perfect circumstances for a self-induced heart attack. Good thing this paper is due in 10 days! 

The band we saw last night was "post-rock" I have never understood all these music genres. But I always wonder what comes after "post", once we are past post rock and post modernism and the postal system what do we have left??

anyway! this was just a silly rant, and I am really do just fine, but am having trouble focusing... however, this is typical for the end of the school year and I am sure it will all pan out just fine. 

{handsome furs, take two, this girl was INTENSE!}

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mike said...

sounds like you have balance in your life these days. Or would you call it harmony? Not sure which is more accurate or maybe both are, save to say, I feel a calm about me for you. Love, d-a-d