Wednesday, April 22, 2009

vow! today was a long but really productive and good day. It started off with some delicious turkish coffee which i will be glad to make all of you when i come home. Then I sat off for DAH. The bus was practically empty today and so the ride was quick, peaceful and allowed a bit of time for me to settle into the day. Since the theatre is nearing the premier of their newest work (the premier is april 27th) which is titled "crossing the line" the theatre has been kind of crazy lately. but that is good. anyway afterwords i started writing my paper and drank some more coffee...THEN i hung out with one of interviewees and we talked about lions and art and bending forks into bracelets. After that i saw handsome furs play and i danced and danced and it felt good to see live music again and sweat a bit. SO that was my day in a coming soon.

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