Tuesday, April 21, 2009

whew. i am worn out and i have so much do, like write a 40 page paper. I have never written anything close to that length and starting it seems so frightening, but i have a little bit of faith in myself that it will work out okay. I've spent a lot of time lately just talking to people, riding the city buses and collecting images. I had a really good weekend that consisted of some going out, a bit of music, and some socializing at my professor's wonderful apartment. I'm really glad i came here and i think all the people i've meet are really wonderful. I realized I know belgrade pretty well at this point and feel comfortable here. I think I have officially added another city to my list of places I have some kind of "home". It is home in the sense I have a favorite cafe and a favorite bakery and some people who give easter eggs on easter and i've even picked up on the bus lines. So maybe that makes it official, i have a third home.

The other day I meet an old lady at a bakery and she said "why did you come to yugoslavia, i mean serbia?" and it made me smile. This past week I went to the 25th of May museum, which is also known as the house of flowers and is all the presents and a shrine in many ways to Tito. It is amazing how many people really really loved Tito. I am sure this women I meet at the bakery loved him. 

Today I had a three hour meeting with my advisor and we got burek. Then I did some translating for DAH theatre.

tomorrow is wednesday... terrible! i never liked wednesdays.

also i have been working out my post-SIT (the program i am on) plans and so far they include: Paris, Barcelona and Casablanca. Hello world!


Anonymous said...

Good to see your post. I have faith in you a 40 page paper will be a piece of cake for you after you get started. Love Mom

Meghan said...

You have a friend in Barcelona! My sister lives there and I'm sure that she would love to show you around.