Sunday, March 6, 2011

In an effort to resist the habit of forgetting to write about...

a reverse-chronological list of things to write about:

a. Zagrebdox: A film about chickens. A film about the chambermaids of the Palace Hotel. A film about Ethopian long-distance runners moving to Serbia.
b. Birthday parties + Kinder cake.
c. Bus rides. Roadstop culture in Europe. Borders. Trading ipods.
d. VENICE! costumes. pretty. crowds. narrow passages. old women on motor boat. small fried fish. confetti on the ground. things that are red/orange/pink colored. invisable cities?
e. Protests.
f. Interview...

It has been a whirl wind couple of days. After letting my brain take a break to process I'll be back with a more poignent description and jarble and hopefully some photos.

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