Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"its the most important thing in life, its the person you leave behind you to change the world"

The title is from an interview I did recently with a guy about raising children. It warmed my heart a little and reminded how today is International Women's Day. While I am here studying dudes, I know my heart is really indebted to feminism and the work feminists have done over the last few decades (oh with the help of capitalism and other things, right?) to create a world where I can go out in the world as a young woman and do my own thing. Although,  this of course isn't the case internationally and we havent really established gender equality with in the USA. Women are still paid a lower wage on average, are for the most part expected to raise children AND work, and deal with a whole slew of other difficulties including being bombarded by unrealistic body images. Then, I believe there is the issue for young women of finding a balance between interdependce and independence...Of course being a man comes with its own sack of potatoes to lug around. The point is, I have many really great ladies in my life, and I am super greatful for them, so hvala ste (thank "you")

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