Sunday, November 6, 2011

compliments of fredrick. he's the bomb

I went for a long walk on my lonesome today. The setting sun in the early afternoon flickered in between the buildings and I was concerned about getting a migraine. I stumbled upon a lot of thrift and consignment stores and flea markets. I didn't buy a thing. I tried on 4 pairs of shoes. I came home with nothing but warm feet and satisfaction of soaking up the last hour of effortless vitamin D. I ate breakfast for dinner and looked and talked with people through the computer. When you rest, you surprisingly get over illness faster than when you plummet full steam ahead. It has taken me 23 years to learn this lesson. 

sometimes when I drink orange juice I throw up a little, is that normal? How was your day?




mike said...

good lesson to learn. Great picture.

Kim Wardenburg said...

what a wonderful photograph. I miss all of you beautiful people!